Among the banks that do their job well, Daisy Bank has made a name for itself with its exemplary banking systems that can be pointed out by fingers. stands out with both credit and credit card products. The bank, which is active for a long time in Turkey, if you wish source of income is, if you wish SUBSCRIPTION FEE and able to use their credit cards gives a bonus to you anyway, installment cash advances through your credit card next to it, that is a kind of consumer loans can pull even.

Daisy Bank, which can offer you loan products such as vehicle loans and housing loans with very low interest rates and campaigns, has a nice offer if you cannot pay these loans. With this loan restructuring offer, instead of being a credit victim, you can create any payment plan you want, and split your credit up to 72 months and make payments easily. In today’s article, we will discuss with you how to make a loan restructuring process through Daisy Bank.

How to Configure Daisy Bank Credit?


If you want to configure your loan from Daisy Bank, we recommend that you keep your credit information before you contact any customer representative. If you do not know which category of credit you are receiving, for example, you can start by learning it first.

While the situation is easier and interest rate does not increase much, especially in consumer loans; considering housing and vehicle loans, unfortunately, the situation may change slightly and you may have to pay excessive amounts. You are more or less guessing that credit restructuring cannot be done for free.

Banks, while structuring your loan by giving you a new loan; they close the old debt and offer you a new interest rate on this new loan product. This interest rate is usually twice as high as the interest rate of your existing loan.

It is known that these amounts are quite high especially in mortgage and vehicle loans. For this reason, before structuring your loan interest rates and maturity differences to investigate, it is useful to review the proposal thoroughly.

Below, we’ve provided you with details on how to configure each type of credit. You can perform Daisy Bank credit configuration process in the following ways.

Daisy Bank Loan Configuration


If you buy a general purpose loan from Daisy Bank, you are not very unlucky, because in small-scale loans, Daisy Finance doesn’t usually put too much interest on your loan structuring process. You can contact a customer representative at any Daisy Bank branch or contact Also Daisy Finance on for detailed information about the loan restructuring process.

Daisy Bank Housing Loan Configuration

Good Finance Bank Housing Loan Configuration

If you have a loan product to buy a house through Daisy Bank and its payments have been challenging you recently, for example when a family member has quit his job and you have stumbled on your loan payments, it is always better to use the loan structuring process than to become a lawyer.

Moreover, if you become a lawyer, the costs will increase and you will be charged with mountain charges. Therefore, we advise you to go to the Daisy Finance branch where you received the loan before the 90 days have passed; loan configuration application. If you have a new payment plan to be drawn up to you, you can directly sign a new contract and make the payment according to the new plan you signed after that month.

Daisy Bank Vehicle Loan Configuration

If you have received a vehicle loan from Daisy Bank, it will be more accurate to configure it from Daisy Finance branches. If you transfer your pasture to any customer representative, the representative will determine a new payment plan for you and the number of installments as you wish.

After you pay your remaining debt, you will pay more in total because the interest rate has increased but your payment situation will be very comfortable in monthly periods as you can set a payment amount as you wish.

Daisy Bank Loan Configuration 72 Months

Good Finance Bank Loan Configuration 72 Months

Daisy Bank can offer maturity options for vehicle and housing loans up to 72 months. In doing so, of course, your total debt, interest rates and expenses, but thanks to the abundant addition to 72 months can be divided into the amount you want to pay the loan, it is possible to pay a few months at the moment to the credit victim, so you do not feel very unpleasant.

Still, looking at your payment plan; see your previous total debt and your total debt after the loan restructuring process; if there is a huge difference, it will be much healthier to investigate the loan-debt transfer situation. You can easily transfer debt by getting a more favorable interest rate offer from a bank before 90 days have passed.

Daisy Bank Does Not Loan Structuring

Good Finance Bank Does Not Loan Structuring

Although it is not uncommon for Daisy Bank not to carry out the loan restructuring process; In this case, you can do if you are seen. First of all, you can start a campaign directly on social media and get a positive response from Daisy Bank.