Debt Consolidation Loan


Have you overgrown your debts? We will help you to pay off disadvantageous loans, merge all your loans into one and thereby alleviate the financial pressure on your family.

Neither the acute execution nor the registration in the registers is an obstacle!

Debt Consolidation Loan is a loan secured by real estate

Debt Consolidation Loan is a loan secured by real estate

The cheapest re-borrowing of all your loans and borrowings from non-bank sources!

You can use a debt consolidation loan to:

  • pay or at least reduce existing liabilities, including overdue liabilities!
  • execution (maximum of one executor)

We can help applicants:

  • before acute execution
  • when the bank loses credit

Minutes in debtors’ registers are not a reason for refusing credit!

Non-bank loan parameters:

Non-bank loan parameters:

  • you can borrow up to 50% of the market price of your property (up to CZK 3,000,000)
  • We will repay your installments for up to 20 years, reducing your monthly payment to a minimum

Payables (existing loans and loans) or distraints will be paid for you !

Thanks to an individual approach, we can also find solutions for clients who, for whatever reason, do not reach a bank loan.

Although it is a non-bank loan, we do not have interest on a monthly basis, like some non-bank providers, but yearly, starting at 6.9%.

APR from: 7.4%
Formula for calculating APR

For example, you can get CZK 700,000 for CZK 5.511 per month!